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Winter maintenance needs of your Fort Worth pool

While it might seem as though the cold weather means your Fort Worth pool rests safely, soundly and dormant until the warmer months arrive again, maintenance is still critical when the water isn’t in use. As many homeowners can attest, a pool that hasn’t been maintained for more than a few months, no matter if it was used or not, will never simply be miraculously clean and ready for swimming.

Poolman can handle all of your Fort Worth area pool service needs throughout the year and ensure that the situation in your backyard doesn’t worsen when no one else is paying attention to the water. From chemical treatments to general deck and structural maintenance, winter pool care is just as important as the demands of spring. Keeping up with a schedule will ensure that you can hop right in when the mercury rises once again.

Cold considerations
If you don’t believe that your Fort Worth area pool needs to be adequately maintained in the colder months after it’s been closed, consider some of the potential issues of poor maintenance in the winter:

  • Algae blooms: Algae isn’t the most sensitive and fragile type of plant in the world, and will continue to try and bloom even when the weather seems too cold for such growth. If your pool hasn’t been properly closed and shocked before the cover goes on top, you might have a big, unwanted surprise waiting for you when you want to go for a swim. Additionally, even when the pool is closed properly, algae blooms can still be an issue.
  • Cracks lead to crevices: Your pool’s structural integrity doesn’t go on vacation when the water has been closed for the season. Rather, you need to ensure that little cracks in the surface and other areas don’t continue to spread and cause more substantial issues. Poolman will keep an eye on this for you, minimizing the risk of major remodeling and repair needs.
  • Equipment breakdown: The equipment in your pool, such as pumps, motors and filters, will need to be properly prepared to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t lead to significant damages. Poolman will maintain your equipment throughout the year so that you don’t need to worry about purchasing new and expensive items come spring.

Regardless of what you might need done for your Fort Worth pool, consider leaving it to the professionals at Poolman for expert management.