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Winter Fort Worth pool improvement projects for a better spring

Although the weather is beginning to go in the colder direction, leading to less frequent visits to your Fort Worth pool, it might be the best time to complete some of those projects you’ve been planning to improve your swimming environment in the spring. Major repairs and renovations will often take more time than the average homeowner would want to wait when the mercury is getting high, so the colder months are often optimal for these tasks.

If you want to ensure that your proposed projects are completed accurately, efficiently and in a timely fashion, you’ll want to call Poolman. This firm is a proven provider of all Fort Worth area pool service needs, and can quickly get your pool ready for the busy spring season months before the temperature begins to rise again.

What will you do?
When evaluating the various projects that might be needed or desired to make your pool a more welcoming and comfortable environment, consider these various options:

  • Tile replacement or installation: If you’ve installed tiles in the past and noticed that they’ve started to either deteriorate or accumulate a lot of grime, it might be time for a replacement. On the other hand, if you don’t have tiles and want an easy way to make your water sparkle, tiles are the way to go. Poolman can take care of all your tile replacement, maintenance and installation needs.
  • Lights: Like many projects that target the interior of the pool, winter is often the best time to install or repair lights. Lights can make for a much more desirable situation when taking that midnight dip, and can also be a safety buffer when children want to swim after dark. Poolman will consult with you to establish a plan for light installation and repair.
  • Plumbing: When plumbing repair is needed, you’ll likely not be able to use your pool for a little longer than a general surface renovation. Poolman can identify issues within your pool’s plumbing system and quickly correct the problems to give you the highest quality water and safety swimming environment.
  • Features: Everybody wants a little flare when stepping out onto pool decks. The winter is a good time to think about existing features, and which additions might help the aesthetic along. Poolman offers a variety of options, including waterfalls and wok pots.

If you’re stumped on which project would be suited to your pool’s needs, call Poolman today for expert consultation.