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Why your Tempe pool may need to be re-caulked

It’s winter time. And unfortunately for Tempe pool owners, colder temperatures often lead to new pool issues that need to be fixed. That’s why now is the perfect time to take a look at Poolman’s Tempe pool services and see how we can help your pool remain comfortable and durable during these upcoming months. Our experts are here to inspect and resolve any issues that winter may bring, so your pool will be back to flawless condition in no time.

One common problem that you might have overlooked is cracked or separated caulking, an issue that may be the result of colder temperatures. The caulking of your pool and deck is highly important. Once water has entered gaps in your pool deck, it may cause significant problems in the future. So in order to ensure that your pool is running for many years to come, be sure to hire a professional to re-caulk it from time to time.

Pool caulking can crack and break off within a year of its installation, so it’s highly recommended to make re-caulking a part of your pool’s annual maintenance plan. Failing to take proper care of your pool’s caulking may lead to damage to the pool walls, as water continues to fill behind them.

Re-caulking a pool is an important procedure that should be left to the expertise of a professional. If you find holes in your caulking, don’t wait to solve the problem. Call Poolman today and let us take care of all your caulking repair needs. While you’re at it, be sure to ask about any of our other repair services. They’re designed to keep your pool in great condition no matter what the weather brings.