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Why your pool can help you meet New Year’s resolutions regarding fitness

It's no secret that New Year's resolutions are one of the most challenging things to fulfill, but they don't have to be. In a recent TED Talk, Kelly McGonigal got real with audience members and went on to say that these goals are hard to meet because people make resolutions that don't reflect what's most important to them. It's as if a person is setting themselves up for failure, she explained. During her lecture, she emphasized the importance of willpower as being the key ingredient to success.

This type of mentality,can help you achieve just about any goal you set your mind to. If you own a swimming pool, you're already halfway there. Here's why it can be a tool to help you meet any New Year's resolutions that revolve around fitness.

It's right there
For starters, the pool is in your own backyard. Most people who are trying to lose weight or build muscle go through an entire process where they research gyms, prices, equipment, and when all's said and done – they're exhausted. Even thinking about doing this can be taxing, which is why your pool is such a gift. 

Luckily, pool owners have a leg up on others who travel to get to exercise equipment, because it's right there. When you skip a day of swimming, you don't have to feel embarrassed to face a personal trainer or explain yourself to anyone. You can get right back in the water and pick up without any of that.

As stated by the American Psychological Society website, people who wish to keep their resolutions should start out small. This means being realistic with yourself about what you think you can accomplish. If you don't usually work out or swim for that matter, take it slow. You can gradually work your way to doing laps without overexertion. Pushing yourself too far too fast is a surefire way to burn yourself out and feel like you'll never reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have built-in support
Additionally, your personal pool is a great outlet for goals because it's something that you're going to discuss with other people. As the APA pointed out, sharing experiences can be a great way to help a person inch towards a resolution. Enlist your kids to go swimming or do some aquatic exercises with you if you're feeling less than enthused about it. It may also help to find a friend or spouse who's in a similar position as you.

Recruit them as your resolution buddy and together you can work toward shedding those pounds. Not only is this strategy easier, but it's less intimidating, explained the APA. 

Imperfections can be secretive
Finally, the pool is a great asset because it will always be there – even if you slip up and miss a day of swimming. There will be mistakes along your journey and times when you aren't able to exercise according to plan, but don't give up just yet. As the APA stated, perfection isn't realistic. Everyone has days when they eat some brownies or are too tired to hit the gym. 

If you wish to use your pool for fitness reasons, you'll likely be using it more than normal, which means maintenance is crucial. Call Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals for a chemical balance or repair. Clients are eligible for a free salt system, which is great because you can swim all day long without getting itchy and red skin – great motivation to get back in the water.