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Why you should switch to a variable speed pool pump

If you currently use a single- or two-speed pool pump, consider these options for switching to a variable speed pool pump. Phoenix pool remodeling company, Poolman, currently has a coupon for $50 off a variable speed pump. However, there are a lot more savings than that.

Variable speed pool pumps are quite different from your standard single- or two-speed. According to River Pools and Spas, variable speed pumps utilize a permanent magnet motor. Also, a user has the ability to control the flow rate of water through the pump. The lower speeds allow water to move much easier, resulting in less friction, which will cause less power to be used.

How much less power?
Pentair Pool claims that variable speed pumps allow the user to program up to 3,050 different flow rates. Once you find the perfect speed for your residential pool, you could see up to 90 percent savings.

A normal pool pump runs between 6 and 10 hours a day for a 20,000 gallon pool, while a variable speed pump runs 24 hours a day. Electricity companies charge by the number of kilowatts used per hour. Even though they run for shorter times, these single- or two-speed pool pumps run faster and use more energy. PG&E suggests that variable speed pumps use 75 percent less energy.

What else do variable speed pumps do better?
When set to optimum speeds and due to the them using an enclosed fan, variable speed pumps are the quietest ever built.

The permanent magnet motors cause less stress and wear on pool equipment due to the fact that they produce lower amounts of heat and vibration compared to other pumps.

Also, new variable speed pumps have built-in diagnostic systems like other electronics. They shut off when encountering vast changes of temperature like overheating, a common issue with older pumps.

Finally, because variable speed pumps can be programmed to any speed, you can remodel or perform maintenance on your pool without worrying about the pump becoming incompatible. They work well with solar-powered systems and can be adjusted accordingly if you add gushers, wok pots, or sheer descents.

Making the switch to a variable speed pool pump is not a monumental task. Contact a local Phoenix pool service provider to get a quote on installation costs. Once installed, you should immediately notice a difference in your energy bill.