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Why you should switch to a salt water pool

All current Poolman customers in the Fort Worth area are eligible for a free salt system. If that isn't enough to convince you, here are some reasons why you should have one installed.

No chlorine hassle, all the benefits
Unfortunately, you can't avoid chlorine all together. However, with a salt system, you never need to add chlorine directly to your pool. Rather, the salt turns into chlorine through a chemical process – with the help of electrolysis – and back into salt. The benefit of this system is that all the bacteria gets killed and you deal with none of the problems caused by chlorine.

Say goodbye to chlorine tablets, which can be dangerous if not stored properly. Instead, you get the benefit of soft, salt water. According to Naturally Savvy, the chlorine produced by salt water generators is much less harsh than the kind you currently use, so no more burning skin or eyes.

Lower maintenance costs
All you need to do is add some food grade salt about every six months. This is going to save you money on chemicals and help protect the environment by helping manufacturers produce less chlorine and fewer plastic containers. This means less work taking care of your pool because you'll only need to maintain a pH level balance.

Usually, people are hesitant about installing salt systems because of the cost. However, you'll regain what you spent in less than three years and that's when Poolman doesn't install the system for free.

Looks better
Good Housekeeping reported that pools with a salt system have crystal-clear water. You friends and family will be able to see the nice, new tiling that you spent so much money on. You also no longer need to worry about having a green pool when you return from vacation. Algae blooms won't occur due to the self-regulation of the salt system.

Additionally, blondes won't ever find their hair turning green again. Salt water is actually good for your skin as well. Your pool will make both feel softer every time you get out. Another benefit is that there won't be any lingering chlorine fumes. Don't worry about smelling like the ocean either, as salt water systems have about one-tenth the amount of salt as sea water.