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Why you should hire a pool service company

Swimming pools can be quite an investment, especially in San Diego where most residents use their pools year-round. Like any other venture, you can see a return on pools. According to Better Home and Gardens, a property with a pool in the Southwest U.S. can increase its value by more than 11 percent.

That number alone shows that you better take care of your pool. Would you buy a house with a run-down pool? However, keeping  your own pool in good shape can be quite a task. Hiring a San Diego pool service company would save you time, effort, and money.

A pool owner may find themselves cleaning and performing maintenance on their pool more often than they find themselves swimming. If you have a nine-to-five day job, most of your weekend can be spent cleaning out filters, vacuuming, and adding chemicals or testing their levels. Also, you will find yourself making frequent trips to pool stores to replenish your supplies and chemicals.

Another consumer of time is when you add chemicals and have to wait to go into your pool. And finally, if you own a pool, you will find yourself cleaning it weekly, either by brushing or skimming.

By hiring a pool service, a pool owner finds him/herself spending more time enjoying their pool than performing up-keep on it.

Taking care of a pool can require a lot of effort and planning. If you own a pool, you know how hard it is to convince your spouse or teenage children to vacuum or use a skimmer. With a pool service, there will be no more arguments over whose turn it is to clean.

Pools require physical effort as well. Leaning over to empty out filters and vacuuming the pool can cause back pain. Another cause of back pain or sore muscles can come from brushing and scrubbing the sides and bottom of your pool. Allow a pool service to do the labor intensive work.

And then there is the effort involved in adding and adjusting chemicals. This can take up precious pool time for a few reasons. First, you need to check levels on a weekly basis, sometimes bi-weekly if you're trying to correct an imbalance. Second, you need to add chemicals on a consistent basis. When you add chemicals, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you wear protective eyewear and gloves. Also, you need to be very careful when mixing chemicals. This leads to the final point: You need to safely store chemicals, whether you have children or not. Chemicals can be very dangerous and, unless you read every label carefully or are a chemist, there's always a risk of a combination being deadly.

It would be best to leave the chemicals and maintenance to the professionals and find a San Diego pool service company.

Chemicals certainly cost money. Sometimes you need a chemical that will only be used once, but you still need to buy a bucket-full. When you hire a pool service, everything is covered under a set price.

Apart from chemicals, the tools needed to keep your pool in good condition can also get costly. A lot of tools, like skimmers, have plastic parts that can easily break. With a pool service, they bring the necessary tools and you no longer have to worry about cleaning up or storing the tools away from children.

If you want to be convinced more about the expenses saved, some pool service providers offer salt systems for free when you hire them.

Find a San Diego pool service company to truly enjoy your pool as they can clean it, chemically balance it and save you a whole bunch of time, effort and money.