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Why the D.E. filters in your Avondale pool may need a teardown

When it comes keeping your Avondale pool clean, you won’t find many better filtration options than Diatomaceous Earth filters. D.E. filters will remove even the smallest particles of harmful materials from your pool. But in order for these filters to run smoothly, they will need to be torn down on occasion. Look no further than a D.E. teardown from Poolman – just one of our outstanding Avondale pool services – to maintain the effectiveness of your filter.

A D.E. teardown is recommended at least once a year. This procedure involves the removal of trapped dirt and the thorough cleaning of each grid in the filter. The filter is inspected for any cracks or holes that may be weakening the filtration process. Once your D.E. filter has been reassembled, it’s set to leave your pool exceptionally clean for the year ahead.

Pool filter cleaning can be a dangerous endeavor, as pieces of the filter can shoot out at breakneck speeds if the repair is not done with proper care. It’s a delicate procedure that involves working with expensive parts, so attempting to do it yourself isn’t worth the risk. Trust Poolman’s maintenance professionals to manage the teardown for you, saving you time and preventing headache.

Winter is a great time to fix up any issues your pool might be experiencing. You’ll want to have your pool in flawless condition when warmer weather comes around, so give Poolman a call today. Our extensive list of repair services should cover just about any pool-related problem you’ll come across. Even if your pool seems to be doing fine, it could definitely benefit from Poolman’s basic services. Our Weekly Full Service option will provide you with comprehensive pool coverage, including chemical balancing, vacuuming, skimming, brushing, basket-emptying and backwashing.