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Why shouldn’t I cancel my pool service in the winter?

Your pool is likely one of your most beloved investments in your home, and therefore needs to be kept in fine working order throughout the year. Small issues can quickly turn into major problems, and proactive maintenance is the best defense against the need for major renovations and replacements. If you own a pool in the Phoenix or Fort Worth area, you’ll want to maintain a regular schedule for your maintenance and servicing to ensure that there’s welcoming water when you’re ready to swim.

Some homeowners work under the assumption that the pool doesn’t need any care when it isn’t in use, especially during the colder months of fall and winter. However, some of the biggest issues that could possibly arise with the pool’s basic structure and water composition occur when the temperature shifts more dramatically, such as perimeter cracks spreading and winter algae blooms.

Whether you’re getting ready to close the pool or have already done so and are looking for the right servicing schedule for the following months, never cancel your appointments with Poolman if you want to take proper care of your investment. Poolman is on your side no matter what the weather conditions might be or how much servicing is required.

Reasons to maintain the schedule
If you need more evidence to understand why you need to keep your pool services throughout the winter in Phoenix and Fort Worth, consider this list of risks:

  • Algae blooms: Though you might think that algae needs much warmer conditions to bloom, this pesky organism can grow in fairly cold conditions, as long as there’s adequate food and water. Instead of endlessly removing the tarp and adding the chemicals as best as you can, Poolman will be able to more efficiently manage algae deterrence activities.
  • Shocking: Before you can properly close your pool for the winter, you need to shock the water with a high volume of chlorine and, in some situations, other chemicals. You might not know how to complete this critical task that will improve the health of the water when you’re not using it, and for this reason you should rely on a professional service.
  • Skimming and filtering: You’d be surprised to find out how much debris can enter your pool’s water even when it’s covered and not being used. Skimming and filtering needs to be done before the pool is closed and throughout the winter to avoid a complete lack of healthy water. Additionally, the associated equipment will need to be checked and maintained to avoid costly replacements.
  • Structural integrity: No matter what type of material your pool might be made of, a dramatic shift in temperature can lead to significant structural damages. Maintaining your regular pool service will increase the chances of identifying these issues, such as rebar rust stains and cracks in the perimeter, which will in turn minimize the costs of repairs.
  • Drains: Much like the other equipment in the pool, drains are more apt to being clogged or otherwise damaged when there’s no servicing in play. These parts of your pool can be incredibly expensive to replace or renovate, and what’s worse than having to wait to jump into the water on that first warm spring day? Keep up with servicing and your pool will be ready for you and your guests when the hot air rolls around.

While many homeowners are increasingly taking the do-it-yourself approach to pool care, this will often lead to much room for costly, rookie errors. Treat your pool the way you would any other major investment by maintaining your Poolman servicing schedule throughout the winter.