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Why should you get a salt system?

While you might feel as though your well-maintained San Diego pool is as classy, comfortable and optimal as it could possibly be, you haven’t experienced luxury until a salt system is included. From environmental friendliness to a more relaxing swimming experience, you’ll be happy you took the salt system route to pool water maintenance before too long.

If you’re a customer with Poolman and are currently in good standing, you can get a free salt system installed without ever having to lift a finger, or a dollar. Your San Diego area pool service is here to make your pool function as optimally as possible and keep you healthier when you’re going for restful dips in the water or swimming for exercise.

If you haven’t ever considered getting a salt system installed, consider some of these distinct benefits of the equipment:

  • Eco-friendliness: Every homeowner is beginning to become more aware of his carbon footprint and level of environmental friendliness. Salt systems make your pool a more eco-friendly environment, as they reduce the need to carry chlorine and create more natural chemicals for general maintenance.
  • Skin and bones: Have you ever jumped into the Great Salt Lake or another highly salty body of water? Many individuals will travel far and wide to take a dip in this type of water for a variety of health-related reasons. The medicinal benefits of salt water bathing are vast, and include therapeutic effects on bones and healthier skin.
  • Fewer algae blooms: Your water’s quality can be quickly impeded by algae blooms, and salt systems minimize the risk of these pesky plants. Salt chlorination can be more effective for algae control than other methods.

If you’re interested in learning more about salt systems or are simply ready to get one installed, call Poolman today.