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Why should I use a pool service instead of DIY?

The Internet has led to a massive increase in the number of do-it-yourself aficionados, especially as so much educational information can now be found through a simple Google search. However, it’s important to remember that a high rate of the information you’ll find on the Internet is in no way professionally provided, and that you might be taking tips from people who don’t necessarily have more knowledge than you, but maybe just a little more spare time.

When it comes to keeping your San Diego pool in working order and maintaining healthy, comfortable water, DIY can be a major hindrance when it comes time to hop in. There are several advantages of simply hiring and using a professional pool service company, especially Poolman, though maybe none as important as the general welfare of your investment.

Leave it to the pros
The difficulty of diagnosing and correcting issues in a pool can range from fairly easy to extremely hard, while the overall process of maintaining the water’s health is much more complex than the average homeowner would think.

  • Structural damages and vulnerabilities: Your in-ground pool has a variety of components, though the actual structural integrity will most often be the most important. Cracks in the infrastructure can quickly lead to a complete lack of control, as these damages will continue to spread until they’re reconciled. A professional pool service will always be able to correct the problem more quickly and efficiently than a DIYer.
  • Calcium and pH levels: When your pool’s water hasn’t been properly maintained, you’ll likely feel far less luxurious when taking a dip. The chemical balance, as well as calcium hardness, can make a big difference regardless of whether you’re taking a leisurely swim or working out. Again, the optimal levels are hard to achieve without expert knowledge, and Poolman can ensure that the water is healthy throughout the year.
  • Equipment: You likely have a variety of equipment in your pool, including pumps, filters, skimmers and more, all of which need to be kept functioning properly to avoid costly replacements or major repairs. A professional pool service will take care of all the equipment in the pool regularly, ensuring that all of these items that contribute to the healthiest possible swimming water are in perfect working order.

Don’t hesitate to call Poolman today for all of your San Diego pool service needs.