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Why salt water pools are winning popularity contests

While salt systems aren't a new invention, they had gained some traction over the years. People are increasingly appreciating the benefits associated with them. In order to understand the perks, it's important to know the difference.

A new cloud of interest in salt water systems has come over people seeking to invest in a pool, according to the Fairfield Citizen. Twenty to 25 percent of residential swimming pools are using salt water generators in the Fairfield, Connecticut area, according to data from a local pool professional. The increase in salt water systems is expected to snowball. For those that haven't jumped on the bandwagon, there are clear cut differences between the two systems.

Green hair, just the beginning
Chlorine is dumped into swimming pools to kill bacteria that enters the area from people, animals or other external sources. The trick is to keep the levels balanced so that maintenance isn't extensive. Other than the obvious smells, chlorine has some characteristics that are unattractive to humans. Itchy eyes, dry skin and rash are all associated with spending extended periods of time in the chemical. Chlorine's impact  can be seen on faded tiles or a lackluster bathing suit at the end of the summer. Swimmers can escape the pesky chlorine-associated side effects and furthermore experience the benefits of salt for the skin. In addition to salt water systems being good for the body, they are good for the wallet too. 

For years, people have taken care of swimming pools like any other part of the house. Trips to the store for chlorine are inconvenient and can add up. Salt is significantly less expensive to maintain and isn't a constant chore for pool owners. Initial cost is the biggest expense factor, according to Health Research Funding. Once that part is over, it's smooth sailing for the wallet. It requires very little maintenance following installation.

But it's free
However, your local Fort Worth Pool Service has offers for clients to get a salt system installed for free, which means the biggest price tag is taken care of and only a small amount of money has to go to maintenance. Beyond saving money and avoiding the wrath of chlorine, swimmers invest in the trendy system because it was linked to proven body benefits that can be seen or felt almost immediately.

Salt's healing powers are noticeable after a child goes swimming at the beach. A little knick or scrape starts to heal quickly after he or she gets out of the ocean. Skin care companies figured out how to bottle up and market salt's advantages, and now pool companies are willing to bring it right to people's backyards. A leisurely dip can lend to a healthy glow and silky-smooth skin. Consumers can have a fancy salt system installed or maintained by Fort Worth Pool Services without the excessive spending that usually accompanies a luxurious purchase.