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Why owning a pool is good for your kids

If you have a family, owning a pool can be a great tool for life lessons. Your children might be learning more than you think from their swim lessons and pool parties. Here's what your kin can gain from swimming.

Importance of physical fitness
Whether your little ones are rigorously swimming laps or just floating around, they're staying physically active. Parents can't stress the importance of good fitness habits enough to the younger crowd. It's during the early years that parents have the power to get their kids into good diet and exercise habits so they'll live a long and healthy life. Exercise is vital for children to grow into strong, coordinated and confident adults, according to Kids Health. It's important to instill these values early so they can avoid any long term health issues. 

Children who don't explore working out during their youth are at a greater risk for childhood obesity, which is a major problem in the country. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of children to adolescents were obese in 2012. This in itself is very challenging for a child but also, being overweight can lead to a number of issues.

People who weigh more than they should are at a higher risk for bone and joint issues, sleep apnea, social and psychological problems, stated the CDC. Help keep your loved ones in shape so that you can reduce their odds of encountering one of these diseases. Exercising with your kids, like swimming in a pool, can potentially make them healthier and happier – not to mention it helps them work on other important aspects of growing up.

Exploring team work
If you've ever witnessed your little ones playing Marco Polo than you've already seen the benefits of a pool. When they're splashing around with classmates and friends, they're learning how to engage others and participate in team activities. Other games that require kids to take turns teach them discipline and patience.

According to USA Swimming, teaching children to swim is a life long lesson that helps them with sportsmanship and working with officials, teammates and coaches. This means that what happens in your swimming pool can translate to how your kids handle situations in the real world. Use this to your advantage and make it fun for them to learn these values. Playing games and taking turns can be a good way to show your loved ones the importance of a good attitude despite winning and losing.

If you have a crew of young people over for a day of fun in the sun, encourage them to cheer one another on. Hold some playful swimming races in your pool and encourage healthy competition. Use more quiet times around the pool to let your child work on his or her independence.

Make them more independent
Since USA Swimming pointed out that swimming is either an individual or a team sport, it's a great way for young people to learn more about themselves. If they're trying to learn the butterfly or another new way to swim and it takes them a couple of attempts, this can make them more resilient. These traits are so important for little ones because, as explained, a child who's courageous and independent when they're young can grow up to take more chances.

Maybe they'll be the child who raises his or her hand in class or volunteers at a magic show. Don't all parents want their little ones to grow up to be brave and strong? Just make sure, before you let your kids use the pool, that it's in tip top shape. 

Just make sure it's safe
A routine maintenance visit here or there from Phoenix, Fort Worth or San Diego pool service professionals can keep your pool sparkling and safe!