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Why is my pool green and how do I fix it?

Swimming season is a joyous time of year for any homeowner, but without regular upkeep from a Dallas/Fort Worth pool service technician, the water could deteriorate into a green mess. Pool owners all over the U.S. may have dealt with green pool water at some time during the warm weather months, and many aren’t aware of what causes it – they simply want it back to normal! There are a number of causes of green pool water, and nearly all of them can be handled by your Poolman professionals.

Algae growth
According to Red Beacon, homeowners who aren’t on top of their pool maintenance will begin to notice that algae can begin to build up in the pool water. Algae is a plant that grows in water, and it typically turns up green in color, but it can also be found in yellow green and blue green hues. This plant can cause the water to look cloudy and adversely affect the color, and it can arise from poor filtration or an abundance of shade from trees and vegetation, which contributes to algae growth. When these plants begin to pop up, it’s certainly time to call the professionals to get the pool back in tip-top shape.

Environmental factors
Sudden rainstorms can do a number on the water quality of a pool, as pollen, dust, dirt and other debris can be washed into the water and can promote algae growth or simply making the water look cloudy, reported Gold Coast Pool and Spa. Oftentimes, these algae blooms can pop up overnight, so being mindful of the weather forecast could be pivotal in promoting ideal pool water quality. While covering the pool before large storms may be a good step in the right direction, calling a Poolman professional to effectively clean the pool after these major weather events will get it ready for use in no time.

Chemical imbalances
If the pH, alkalinity, chlorine levels and other important factors aren’t kept in the right balance, this could allow bacteria and algae growth to kick into overdrive. Regular pool maintenance that measures these important chemical levels in the water and inspects the machinery that properly filters the water is essential to creating a healthy outdoor environment throughout the swimming season and will prevent the unsightly green or cloudy water from ruining warm weather fun for pool owners.