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Why DIY repairs of your San Diego pool may not be worth the effort

The Internet has provided us with the knowledge to perform many tasks we may not have known how to do otherwise, but self-taught do-it-yourself repairs of your San Diego pool are generally inadvisable. Pool repairs and maintenance require a high level of knowledge and experience, so it is best to leave these activities to Poolman's expert San Diego pool maintenance team. When you sign up for Poolman's services, you don't have to risk making errors that could exacerbate problems in your pool and necessitate costly repairs.

Consider these issues commonly associated with DIY repairs:

The Internet is ripe with bad information
Unfortunately, many of the DIY articles posted on the Internet provide pool owners with false knowledge about how pools should be maintained. For instance, you may have heard that shocking your pool should be done on a weekly basis. This is a common myth – doing so can result in a waste of chlorine, as noted by the Professional Pool Operators of America. Instead of relying on the information you find on DIY instructions, trust Poolman's qualified professionals to keep your pool in safe condition.

DIY repairs could violate pool codes
You may not know every single legal requirement that San Diego pool owners must follow. So before you go about implementing any remodeling ideas, be sure to consult a professional first. Poolman's experts have the legal knowledge needed to keep your pool in compliance with the law. Our staff is committed to maintaining pools according to local codes, which could make your pool safer and more childproof.

DIY repairs are a large time investment
Proper pool maintenance requires a significant amount of time – researching and performing a repair procedure may not be worth the associated time investment for many pool owners. Fortunately, Poolman's employees are experienced in performing efficient, careful repairs. We give each repair project the attention and time needed for an effective fix, so you won't have to worry about the problem reoccurring or worsening in the future. 

Repairs can be dangerous
Not every pool repair is safe to perform without proper equipment. An acid wash, for example, requires individuals to wear special clothing to remain protected from the chemicals being used. If your pool needs a potentially dangerous repair, don't put your safety at risk by attempting to perform it yourself. Call Poolman and let our experienced San Diego pool service team take care of it for you.

Errors in pool maintenance or repairs can result in significant problems that could leave your pool out of service. That's why it's wise for pool owners to leave their needs to the skilled team at Poolman. We'll help you save time and headaches by resolving pool issues with unmatched professionalism. In addition to providing effective, timely repairs, we offer a free salt system installation to our customers in good standing. Before warmer weather sets in and you'll be using your pool more frequently, reach out to Poolman for any repairs it may need.