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Why choosing a San Diego pool service makes more sense than going it alone

Like many home projects, pool maintenance sounds like it might be a do-it-yourself proposition, but that may not turn out to be true after all.

In general, people tend to hire professionals rather than tackling a job themselves when the project is too complex, time-consuming or risky and the cost savings simply don't make up for the work. Hence the reason for hiring professional roofers, plumbers, electricians and a San Diego pool service.

Pool maintenance may sound far simpler, and homeowners may assume that, given a good set of instructions, it might not be particularly complex. Since it does eat up time better spent swimming, however, DIY pool maintenance should probably only be undertaken if you have plenty of knowledge and experience  – and even then, you may end up turning to professional help.

DIY can be disappointing
If maintaining your own pool sounds like a viable option, you should know at least the basics of what you would need to do: consistent cleaning, chemical balancing and checking levels. Note that these require more than good information – they cost money and take time.

It eats up your swim time
With amateurs, pool maintenance takes much more time than with professionals for several reasons:

  • Pool professionals know exactly what to do and how to do it quickly
  • Professional cleaning tools like battery-powered leaf vacuums work better and faster than homeowner versions
  • Prepping for the work is faster with pros, since chemicals and equipment are on the truck and ready for use.

It saves less than you think
Doing any job oneself saves money on labor, but the question is, how much does it save?

Materials may be another issue altogether, since pool maintenance services that buy in bulk generally see costs savings, and even if they don't pass them on, the money customers actually save, given that they have to drive to the store and purchase pool cleaning tools and supplies is rather negligible.

What pool maintenance companies handle
The services vary according to the size and capabilities of the pool services company, but in general, they include testing the water chemistry, cleaning the filter, adding and balancing chemicals, cleaning, vacuuming, and brushing the sides of the pool, emptying skimmer baskets and checking the pump, timer and other equipment to ensure it's in perfect working order.

Get all the information you can
Talk to the customer service professionals at Poolman San Diego pool service for a complimentary consultation and recommendations on the best package for your needs. Then select from a range of services:

  • Simply chemical – simple, affordable priced, basic service that handles chemicals and balances
  • Weekly brushing, emptying baskets and backwashing, along with weekly cleaning and chemical balance every two weeks – highly recommended to pools with automatic vacuums
  • Full Service – "Simply chemical" plus chemical service with vacuuming, skimming, brushing, emptying baskets and backwashing performed as needed

Remodel or repair your pool with confidence
Poolman San Diego offers a full range of repair services such as pressure washing, plumbing and lighting repair, tile cleaning, draining, heaters, pool automation and leak repair, as well as remodeling options for  both the pool interior and exterior deck.