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Why a salt system might improve your Paradise Valley pool

For many Paradise Valley homeowners, their pools are the most valuable property investments they’ve made. This makes sense, given the blistering hot summers and warm weather throughout the year. So how can Paradise Valley residents make the most out of their beloved pools?

At Poolman, we highly recommend the installation of a salt system. Pools with salt systems have shown to have many unique advantages:

A healthier swimming experience
The salts used in salt water pools can be beneficial to your health in a number of ways. Salt water does not cause the skin irritation that chlorine water can occasionally cause. In fact, salt water can help to moisturize dry skin. You and your pool guests’ hair will benefit as well. Salt water protects hair color, unlike chlorine water, which can result in the discoloring of hair.

Pools with a salt system provide for a more relaxing experience than other pools. Anyone who has ever soaked in Epsom salts to relieve sore muscles can attest to the soothing properties of salt. After a long day of work, you won’t find a better way to wind down than taking a dip in your salt water pool.

Improved water quality
Unlike standard pools, those with salt systems naturally create the optimal level of chlorine. This results in the reduction of algae blooms, leaving your pool water exceptionally safe and keeping guests illness-free. Additionally, salt water pools do not irritate the eyes like ordinary pools do. This means that you and your guests can feel free to open your eyes underwater without the irritation common to standard pool water.

A “greener” approach to chlorination
Owners of salt water pools do not need to use the potentially toxic chemicals used in chlorine pools, making salt water pools a more environmentally-friendly option. Salt systems eliminate the need to place chlorine tabs in your pool, which could be dangerous to the environment if not done correctly.

If any of these benefits sound appealing, you’ll be happy to know that Poolman can have a salt system installed in your pool – for free! Poolman is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our customers. To prove our commitment, we offer a free salt system installation to customers in good standing.

If you need any further persuasion, give Poolman a call today. We’ll repair any issues your pool might experience in a timely, professional manner. Or, call about one of our popular Paradise Valley pool services, like the Weekly Full Service, which provides chemical treatment, skimming, vacuuming, brushing, backwashing and basket-emptying in one convenient package.