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Which water feature will you choose for your Fort Worth pool?

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition among neighbors to create the most desirable Fort Worth pool, and features can be the magic that separates yours from all the others. Once you have your pool all ready to go, complete with aesthetically pleasing surfaces and a well-kept perimeter, it might be time to install a new feature for added pizzazz.

Remember that installing your own water features can lead to several issues, and you should always call Poolman for your Fort Worth area pool service needs.

Here are some of the water features you can choose from:

  • Waterfalls: Is there any sound more soothing than a waterfall? Just picture sitting back on a lawn chair and listening to “May This Be Love” by Jimi Hendrix while the water trickles into the pool. This is serenity at its finest, and it can all be possible in your home with a waterfall feature. Poolman will install displays of large, natural rocks for the water to flow and fall through.
  • Sheer descents: This is a raised tier that allows sheets of water to flow into the pool, and creates a waterfall-like, but still unique effect when you’re in or around the area.
  • Wok pots: It’s doubtful that your neighbors will be able to compete with this feature. Poolman will install pots that sit on the deck and spill water into an opening that’s directed toward the pool. You’ll be able to choose between a variety of sizes, colors, materials and shapes to make your feature the most individualistic one on the block.
  • Gushers: When you’re looking for something fun, gushers are the way to go. You’ll get the feeling that you’re in a natural hot spring, as bubbling water comes up from below and creates a soothing sound.

Don’t hesitate to make your pool more fun and relaxing – call Poolman today.