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When winter rolls around in Fort Worth, consider acid washing your pool

Your Fort Worth pool is likely one of your favorite and most valuable investments in or around your home, and, as such, it needs to be taken care of just as well as other items throughout the year. You can save yourself from headaches and complications by simply calling Poolman for your Fort Worth area pool service needs, especially when it comes to regular maintenance.

When the weather gets colder and you have a plaster pool, it’s often the best time to consider acid washing your pool to get it back to its originally beautiful and healthy self. This type of action can only be done during the winter months for plaster, meaning the time might be now to set a date with Poolman and complete the job early in the season, leading to a seemingly new swimming environment when the spring months roll around.

Though this task, like many others, might seem easy enough to do on your own, it’s recommended that a professional with plenty of experience manages the acid washing process. This is especially true given the health risks of handling these chemicals without strong knowledge of how to do so, not to mention how a poorly completed project can negatively impact the pool itself.

Poolman will go in and acid wash the entire surface area of your pool, exposing the cleaner, fresher layers of plaster and improving the health of the water when you’re ready to go for a swim.

Additionally, if you have a pebble pool, you can acid wash it any time during the year. However, what better time is there to complete a big cleaning project than before the busy warm months arrive?

Regardless of what your Fort Worth area pool service needs might be, Poolman always has you covered.