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When was the last time your pool got a D.E. teardown?

Whether you bought your house with the pool included or got it installed by a professional San Diego area pool service, it might have components that you’re not even aware of. All of the equipment, structures and features of your San Diego pool need to be taken care of properly to ensure a clean and enjoyable experience every time you take a dip, and Poolman can handle all tasks.

One of the lesser-known aspects that will need significant repairs every once in a while are Diatomaceous Earth filters, which are more commonly known as D.E. filters. These filters are among the best at keeping your pool clean, as they’re environmentally friendly and come from fossilized materials that have been mined from the earth.

Many experts would argue that these filters are the highest quality available and provide the cleanest swimming water in commercial and residential pools. However, much like any filter, D.E. filters demand some maintenance from time to time, and will need to be torn down on a regular schedule to ensure that they’re working properly.

Poolman will keep up with the recommended D.E. filter teardown schedule, which is often once a year, to eradicate dirt that’s been trapped in the filters. Since these filters are broken down into grids, you’ll need a San Diego pool service that can disassemble the unit and thoroughly clean each component, all while identifying cracks or holes that might negatively impact the efficacy of the filters.

For projects like this and regular maintenance, there’s no better San Diego pool service than Poolman. This organization has sustained a commitment to excellence, and will offer you plenty of advantages, such as free salt systems when you’re in good standing.