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When was the last time you cleaned your San Diego pool’s tiles?

There comes a time in every Phoenix pool’s life when a serious, comprehensive and somewhat invasive cleaning needs to occur to bring the water quality back to its original grandeur. If you have tiles in your pool and can’t remember the last time they were thoroughly cleaned or checked for more substantial damages, chances are the time is now to get the job done.

While some homeowners will attempt to complete these projects on their own, tiles need to be cleaned professionally to ensure that they’re in optimal condition, and Poolman can take care of this job for you. As your Phoenix area pool service provider, Poolman will complete any and all projects necessary to get your pool’s interior glimmering once again.

Tiles are an excellent addition to any pool, especially as they help create a crisper and more inviting aesthetic when looking at the water. However, normal wear and tear can leave these additions looking dull, sloppy and deteriorated, leading to significantly less appealing water quality conditions as the materials break off into the pool.

Buildup that creates an unsightly ring around the water line is only natural, especially as the seasons change, and can often include calcium and scum. Experts recommend getting your tiles professionally cleaned once each season, as this will ensure that such buildup doesn’t get out of control and that your pool remains extremely clean throughout the year.

It’s important to remember that the tools and equipment necessary to remove calcium buildup aren’t everyday household items. Additionally, it takes expertise to properly complete the project without damaging the tiles or other areas of the pool.

For this reason and many more, you should consider calling Poolman today to set up a tile cleaning appointment.