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When is the right time to acid wash your pool?

If you live in San Diego, chances are one of the best ways you’ve found to beat the heat is to invest in a swimming pool. Whether you’re looking to cool down on a hot day or you’re eager to build muscle strength and endurance by getting in a few laps in the morning, there are a variety of ways that having a pool can benefit you once you choose to use one.

However, when it comes to maintenance, it can be difficult to determine the best ways to balance your pool’s needs with your lifestyle, which is why working with a San Diego pool service can be a terrific way to take the pressure off of you.

Working with trained professionals can ensure that each dip you take in the pool is rejuvenating and comfortable, and with the helpful tips you can gain, you’ll be able to detect when things in your pool have gone awry.

One of the major considerations that you might not know about as a pool owner, but which is vitally important, is deciding when the time is right for you to acid wash your pool. To learn more about what this is and the impact it can have on the longevity of your pool, consider these tips below.

What is acid washing?
Referred to by some as a drain and clean, an acid wash can be a great choice for your in-ground pool if you’ve noticed that it’s become dingy or undesirable looking, especially if you just cleaned up your pool for the season.

The process itself involves stripping the top layer of plaster that is at the bottom of a pool and allowing fresh plaster underneath to become the primary surface. This can restore the eye-catching look of pools and, since plaster is porous, give your swimming surface a new lease on life.

Finding the best time
How can you determine when the time is right to do an acid wash? While there are many factors to take into account, most pool professionals will agree that it’s probably a good idea to do this process if algae growth is a recurring problem for you, or if you’ve noticed that the plaster lining of your pool has become stained or murky.

You may also opt to have an acid wash done if you want to improve the look of your pool. There’s nothing wrong with doing this process for purely aesthetic purposes, but be mindful of how long it will take and whether it will conflict with any other major events in your daily life.