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What’s the world’s deepest swimming pool?

Would you pay 2,000 Euros to swim in a pool? Some people would at the newly opened Y-40 The Deep Joy located in Padova, Italy. That's because a dip in the body of water is actually more like scuba diving in the ocean than sunbathing in your backyard.

A grandiose opening
The establishment opened in June with a grandiose celebration, according to the Guinness World Record's website. As CNN explained, many special guests kicked off the pool's official start, including Umberto Pelizzari and Illaria Moliari, who are freediving champions in Italy. Moliari dressed like a mermaid for the ceremony, which makes sense since the pool more closely resembles the sea than a residential body of water.

Guinness-record deep
The pool is 40 meters, which is more than 131 feet deep, according to the company's website. CNN reported that it officially breaks the Guinness World Record for deepest pool. Visitors can take their pick and either sign up for a scuba diving lesson or splash around on the surface – no wetsuit necessary.

Newbies are welcome, too
People who are brave enough to swim to the bottom can start off slow. The establishment offers beginner-level training and courses on how to set up scuba gear, the effects of pressure on the body and an education on scenarios that can occur when diving. Intermediate divers have the option to navigate in and out of caves that sit closer to the bottom of the pool.  

How much water is that?
In addition to its depth, which requires more than 1.1 million gallons of water, the pool has many other impressive structural features, according to CNN. It's filled with thermal spa water that's kept at a steady temperature between 32 and 34 degrees. It's not stated on the company's website if the pool has a salt system or chlorine generator, although much of the structure was intended to feel like an underwater swim in the ocean. And the place is so much more. People who don't typically swim or dive can enjoy themselves at The Deep Joy.

Offers more than diving
As CNN reported, there's a tunnel in the pool where spectators can watch people swim under the water. Non-participants can lounge at the bar or in a cozy chair near the entrance. The view isn't half bad either. The actual location of the world's deepest pool is a regional natural park in the Euganean Hills, which Italy Magazine explained is "just a stone's throw from Venice."

Nestled in paradise
According to the source, it's a place that's known for pampering, especially mud applications. Visitors can finish off an adventurous trip to the Y-40 with a spa day or wine tasting. The Euganean Hills are also near an open-air amphitheater that hosts opera shows on a seasonal basis. With so much goodness already surrounding the Y-40, why would anyone strive to make it better?

A simple joy
As the architect of the structure, Emanuele Boaretto explained on the pool's website that it's because he wanted to make the best swimming pool in the world. To achieve this, he decided that it would be best to collaborate with another group of professionals, which is why he worked with prominent people from the underwater sports industry. And he isn't done yet.

The Y-40 company is currently seeking sources for medium- and long-term work that can boost the company and enhance the pool. In the future, the business hopes to be a hub for international scuba diving. Take the plunge if you dare.