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What’s a beach entry?

When it comes to remodeling, there are many different opportunities to improve the integrity of your swimming pool. However, sometimes a simple change in aesthetics can make the biggest difference. From waterfalls to slides, owners have various options to choose from to upgrade pool appearance.

One such improvement could be redesigning the pool entry by removing the standard stair and handrail that you commonly see in residential pools. A popular option that many owners have begun implementing is the beach entry.

What is it?
According to Platinum Pools, the beach entry is also called a "zero entry," and it mimics the natural entryway found on beaches around the world. Rather than use stairs to enter the pool, swimmers slowly wade into the water from the most shallow end of the pool. The entry is positioned to be practically even with surrounding deck or ground of the swimming area, sloping inward to the structure at a natural decline. Similar to a ramp, it becomes progressively deeper and provides an easy transition into the pool.

The beach entry typically replaces the standard steps, but in some cases, small ledges are placed as markers to indicate that the depth of the pool is increasing. They work to distinguish the area from the bottom of the pool and serve as a cue that the ground is sloping downward.

What are its benefits?
One of the more upfront benefits of a beach entry is the removal of steps, as they can be precarious for young children and older pool users. When mobility is a challenge, the gradual slope can facilitate entering the water without fear of injury. Given the longer shallow area that it creates, kids will love the extended play area it can provide by removing the possible danger of increased depth, Blue Haven Pools explained.

Additionally, when aiming to bathe in the sun without being fully submerged, the beach entry allows swimmers to keep cool from the heat while remaining in relatively shallow water. This lagoon-like appearance can give your pool a free-form feel to it that's less restrictive than the traditional swimming area.

Before you commit to structural changes in the pool, you should discuss the available options with your Phoenix pool service company. The professionals can provide valuable insight into your decision and help guide you along in the remodeling process.