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What to expect with a comprehensive Phoenix pool repair project

Sometimes your Phoenix area pool will need more than just a regularly scheduled maintenance visit from Poolman, especially if you haven’t been keeping up with general needs. Even when you’re fairly cognizant of the necessary routine, pools can simply begin to deteriorate because of wear and tear, and will need more comprehensive repair and remodeling projects.

Many, if not all, of the most important repairs will demand the help of a professional Phoenix area pool service, and look no further than Poolman when it comes time for a major project. Poolman offers a wide range of products and services to ensure that your investment is kept in exceptional form throughout the duration of your homeownership.

Remember, doing it yourself, especially for larger projects, could result in disasters and even more expensive bills when you finally realize the professionals are needed.

What needs to be repaired?
The first step to ensuring that your pool is in perfect working order is to understand which areas are in need of substantial repairs. Whether it’s inside or outside of the pool’s general structure, every little piece contributes to the health and swimmer-friendliness of the overall environment. Consider some of these areas that will likely need to be repaired from time to time:

  • Tiles: Tiles are an excellent addition to any pool’s surface, especially as they can add to the general aesthetic of the environment and accentuate the beauty of the water itself. Still, tiles get dirty and damaged over time, and will sometimes need cleaning, repairs or replacements, especially when the weather changes throughout the course of the year. Calcium buildup and other scum can quickly make the tiles less pleasing to the eye, and Poolman will eradicate the problem.
  • Heaters: Mechanisms that heat the water will need to be serviced regularly to ensure that they continue to work and don’t need to be replaced. Poolman will keep an eye on these pieces of equipment during regularly scheduled visits, and is also capable of repairing malfunctioning devices in an affordable and efficient fashion.
  • Salt systems: If you have a salt system in place that’s not working properly, call Poolman today to reconcile the problem. The equipment is fairly resilient to issues, but will always need regular servicing. If you haven’t set up a salt system yet and want to, Poolman offers free installation for customers in good standing.
  • Leak repairs and caulking: A leak can quickly transform from a minor problem that goes undetected to a major structural issue. Additionally, though it might seem simple to repair a leak on your own, the issue will often signify a greater problem that demands professional guidance. Poolman can find and repair all leaks, as well as potential problems with the caulk that binds the pool to the perimeter.
  • Lights: Night swimming is always fun, but can be enhanced by lights. As every pool owner knows, though, replacing or repairing lights that are submerged can be difficult and even dangerous. Whenever you need this type of service, don’t hesitate to call the professionals, as this will ensure a safe and effective fix.
  • Deck repair: From quick and minute detailing to broader, extensive repairs, your deck will need a variety of repairs throughout its lifespan, regardless of what material it’s made out of. Keep up with your deck repairs to avoid major renovations and remodeling projects.

All in one
Poolman offers all of these repair services and myriad others. If you care about your Phoenix area pool and the people who are going to be swimming in it, call Poolman today to get all of your necessary projects done in time for the warmer weather.