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What happens to your Fort Worth pool in the winter?

As your Fort Worth pool is often one of the bigger investments in your home, you can’t neglect the structure and water when it’s not in use. When winter rolls around, you’ll have to prepare it and still keep up with your regularly scheduled visit from Poolman to ensure that the structural integrity remains strong despite the changing seasons and the water is ready for you to dive in during the warmer months.

Regardless of whether your pool is above ground or built-in, using a Fort Worth area pool service throughout the year will improve the longevity and short-term health of the environment. Poolman can take care of all the preparations and mid-winter maintenance responsibilities, saving you the time, effort and headaches that become clearer when you try to do it yourself.

  • Preparations: To prepare for winter, your pool needs to be cleared of all debris, including bugs, leaves, grime and virtually any other foreign objects that might be floating in the water. Additionally, your pool cover should be cleaned and winterized, which a pool service can take care of efficiently and effectively.
  • Winterization: Winterizing a pool is no easy task, especially as it demands shocking, proper pH balancing and testing initially and throughout the colder months. Poolman will handle the shocking process to protect your water throughout the year, and regularly check the chemical balances to ensure that everything is copacetic.
  • Equipment maintenance: Dramatic shifts in temperatures and general weather conditions can lead to damaged equipment, including pumps, filters and motors. Professional pool maintenance services will keep this equipment operating properly and safe from the seasonal shifts.

Your pool deserves all of the care it can get, especially considering the amount of joy and comfort you get when taking a dip. Call Poolman to take care of your year-round pool maintenance needs.