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What factors into pool renovation costs

Given the fact that summer is on the way and warmer temperatures are on the horizon, you might be considering the opportunity to enhance your swimming area with some renovations. Depending on your Phoenix pool service company, you may have a range of options available to you at a variety of costs.

Because of this, it can be hard to determine the overall expenses necessary to update your pool as you see fit. No two pools will ever cost exactly the same for renovations, as there are many factors that can affect pricing.

Resurfacing the bottom
After owning your pool for however long, you may want to replace the bottom of your pool with something newer and more visually appealing. By resurfacing the bottom, you not only give the pool a minor facelift but also extend its usable life, according to Pool Renovation. Depending on your preference you could resurface with tiles, quartz or pebble finishes along the bottom. Each provides its own unique aesthetic to the existing structure.

Overall size
Home Advisor purported that one of the biggest factors that can have a significant effect on the cost of renovation is the size of your pool. The larger the structure, the higher the expenses will be to make any additions or changes to the pool. When determining the renovations you want to make, be sure to consider how much your pool's size could affect the amount of money you spend on it.

Safety guidelines
In accordance with the safety regulations set down by the State of Arizona, homeowners must comply with strict requirements when it comes to protecting the health of swimmers. The Planning and Development Department of the City of Phoenix stated that all pool enclosures must have a barrier that's at least five feet high with a self-closing gate that fits a lock. Being required to add in a fence can drive up your costs as well because you need to make sure that the barrier can successfully keep children from hurting themselves or drowning in your pool.

Hiring professionals
While it can have an effect on your expenses, you can't deny the benefits of having Phoenix pool maintenance professionals renovate your pool. It's not an easy do-it-yourself project and can involve long hours of hard work. By bringing in experienced workers, you can make sure the job is done quickly and to the specifications you want.