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What does a Poolman 21-point pool inspection provide?

Some weekends there's just no time to take care of your pool, especially during the summer. However, you don't want to leave your pool un-inspected for too long, as some damages can become replacements over time. Having a pool in great shape can raise your property value by 11 percent in the Southwest, according to Better Home & Garden.

If you act now, Poolman, your local San Diego pool service, is providing a coupon for $10 off a 21-point pool inspection. This coupon expires July 15, so act fast and call now to set up an appointment.

What exactly is a 21-point pool inspection? It includes the following:

  • Filter pressure check – you don't want pipes cracking!
  • Lubrication of your pool pump
  • Lubrication of your backwash valve – if these wear out, you'll need to get a whole new replacement
  • Inspection of your cartridge or sand filter
  • Pool and spa lights inspection – maybe even consider adding some color-changing features to the lights while you're at it
  • Time clock and time pins check
  • Skimmer lid and baskets examination
  • Pump impeller check –  a faulty impeller will create a lot of noise from your pool pump
  • An automated Chlorinator system
  • Pool surface examination
  • Automatic Cleaner and hoses check
  • Gate valve check – these commonly leak water or air, according to Pool Center
  • Cantilever caulking – cantilever is the edge around the top of your pool and fixing the caulking can improve the whole pool's appearance
  • Pool Safety examination – this is always necessary, especially if you have young children
  • Water level check
  • Flow rate and pool circulation check
  • In-floor system and screens check – this makes sure your pool stays clean
  • Examination of pool pump and leak check
  • Tile inspection – this also helps your pool appear much nicer
  • Examination of your deck for chips or stains
  • Check for pool surface popping, staining and chipping.

If you're in San Diego and have a pool, call Poolman now and book a 21-point inspection. There's no reason to let your pool fall into disarray and Poolman has the knowledge and ability to make your pool look brand new again.