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What can a salt system do for your Fort Worth pool?

As a Fort Worth pool owner, there is a variety of factors you may have considered when determining how to go about pool maintenance. Cost, health effects, and aesthetics are all important aspects. So when reading about the benefits of a salt system, it may come as a surprise that making the switch to a saltwater pool could be advantageous in each of these categories, especially when the installation is done by Poolman. As a sign of appreciation, Poolman offers a free salt system to customers in good standing. We are committed to building long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with Fort Worth pool owners, and this is our way of proving it.

Here are a few of the ways that the installation of a salt system could enhance your pool:

A safer, more comfortable swimming experience
Unlike standard pools, those with salt systems do not need to use chlorine tablets. Instead, saltwater pools remain clean and sanitized due to the natural properties of dissolved salt. With a salt system, your pool guests will not experience issues common to chlorine pools, such as eye and skin irritation and hair discoloration. In fact, salt water allows swimmers to open their eyes comfortably underwater.

Reduced need for chemicals
One of the downsides of chlorine pools is that they may necessitate the handling of toxic chemicals. Fortunately, saltwater pools can reduce the need for these chemicals. Additionally, pool guests won't need to bear the odor of chlorine while swimming.

The prevention of algae blooms could mean a cleaner pool
Since salt systems enable your pool to provide chlorine on demand, they could reduce the amount of algae blooms it experiences. When algae proliferates, it can become highly visible and lead to an unattractive, dirty pool. That's why the algae-preventative properties of a saltwater pool can improve water quality and make your pool more beautiful than ever before.

If you're convinced that your pool needs a salt system installation or any other sort of maintenance, don't hesitate to call Poolman. We strive to provide reliable Fort Worth pool service to all of our customers throughout the year, and now is a great time to have us resolve any issues before warmer temperatures set in.