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What are the health benefits of a salt water system in my pool?

Regardless of whether you own a pool in Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix, installing a salt system can come with a variety of advantages. Some of the benefits directly relate to your physical health, as well as that of your family members and visitors who go for a dip, while others are more closely tied to the wellness of your water and how easy it is to maintain optimal chemical balances.

When you’re weighing the decision to install a salt system, consider calling Poolman for a free estimate and consultation regarding the costs and general process of getting the system ready to go. Poolman is on your side for any and all maintenance needs, ranging from general maintenance to more serious renovations and remodeling projects.

Health benefits of a salt system
Many people will go to the Great Salt Lake or the Dead Sea for a variety of health-based reasons, and your pool can be quickly converted into a therapeutic oasis with a salt water system. Here are some of the advantages you can expect to enjoy after the installation process is complete:

  • Less chlorinated water: The salt water system will reduce the amount of chlorine that needs to be used to maintain a healthy chemical balance. This means less strain and damage to the eyes and fewer side effects to the skin. It’s important to note that there will be chlorine in the water, but it will be more naturally created through the system.
  • Relax your muscles: Soaking, swimming and resting in salt water is one of the best natural therapies for sore and damaged muscles. Think about the benefits of Epsom salt when you have an injury – these same perks apply to your pool once the system has been installed. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy these therapeutic benefits while still swimming recreationally in your pool.
  • Self-healing: Salt water has been found to promote natural healing, both on the skin level and in bones or muscles. If you’ve experienced a major injury to your joints, bones or even have sustained some sort of cut on your skin, the salt water will help your body heal more quickly.

The salt water system will also reduce the amount of time it takes to maintain the pool, as it automatically maintains the chlorine balance. Don’t hesitate to enjoy these and more benefits – call Poolman today for a free estimate.