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What are some of the coolest pool features out there?

If there's one takeaway from the long history of swimming pools, it's that people are competitive. First there were humble features, like the slide and diving board, that set your backyard apart from the others. Then came salt systems and LED lights. Today, there's an endless list of cool and unique ways to make your yard feel more like an island in the Mediterranean than a place to host your annual barbeque. Here's a glance at some of the wildest and interesting ways people have upgraded their pools. Would you try them?

The double rainbow of pools
Remember that time everyone was sharing that YouTube video about the guy who saw a double rainbow? Well, someone was maybe inspired by this and made a double swimming pool. That's right. A feature that you can add to your pool, is in fact, another pool. The Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali has a two-level infinity pool that extends over the rainforest, as stated on the resort's website. How can one even compete? It's no wonder this place made Trip Advisor's list of "10 Jaw-Dropping Hotel Pools."

The "Snow White cottage" pool
People are transforming their backyards to look more like a scene out of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" than a place where the kids can play a game of catch. An extensive catalog of photos available on Master Pool Guides shows just how much this trend is catching on. One particular place was surrounded entirely by trees and plants with just a space carved out for the pool deck area. A charming cottage-like cabana is nestled just alongside the pool and what appears to be a hot tub. One might go for a swim at that house and forget you're not in an enchanted forest. 

The guitar-shaped pool
There's a pool that's shaped specifically like a Les Paul custom guitar. According to Trend Hunter, the 63-foot-long structure was designed for guitar collector Gary McBurney. The elaborate and unique design is clearly the focal point of the backyard, while other items like law chairs and patio furniture sit alongside it. Almost as intriguing as the concept itself is the short amount of time it took to make the idea become a reality. As stated on the site, it took 6 to 8 weeks of planning, and then 6 to 8 weeks of building before the larger-than-life instrument was ready for swimmers.

A pool that defies gravity
There's a swimming pool in Madrid that actually defies gravity. According to Arch Daily, the Hemeroscopium is one giant pile of structures that rely on one another to stay in place. It's comprised of seven elements in total, and the project took three years to finish. 

There's no specific way to make your pool your own. Dream up your vision and make it become a reality by calling Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals. If someone can put a pool on top of a pool, why shouldn't you add those fountains and fixtures you've always wanted?