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Ways to keep your pool area free of wild animals

As the Phoenix summer is getting its start, you probably have been eager to refurbish your pool and the area surrounding it. Most pool owners understand that keeping squirrels and other pesky animals out of your leisure area can sometimes be a difficult task. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to keep a pool area free of animals by undergoing some simple steps. 

Easy ways to design pool to keep out wild animals
According to the Humane Society, pools can be deadly for wild animals, who inadvertently fall into the pool with no means of escape. Designing a pool area to keep out animals will have benefits to both animals and owners alike – as no pool owners want to have a summer party interrupted by a raccoon. The U.S. Center for Disease Control reports that raccoons can spread illness if they enter your pool area. An enclosed fence, the source noted, will help to avoid having this happen. Keeping the pool area clean and free of trash will also decrease the chance that a raccoon will enter the pool area, making the pool both visually pleasing and free of pesky critters. 

The Humane Society noted various ways to deal with the problem. The source suggesting building a few shallow ledges in the pool, allowing animals to quickly scamper out of the water should they gain access and fall in. said that placing nylon rope around the outside of the pool area can have a similar effect to the ledges, allowing animals to climb out of the water. The source specified that this works with animals such as racoons and mice. 

Devices that help animals get out of pool
The source listed Skamper-Ramp and Froglog as two available pieces of pool equipment that can help avoid pets getting stuck in a pool, and, if they do get stuck, getting them out of the water quickly.

Skamper-Ramp is a plastic ramp that is attached to the pool, providing a visible exit for animals. According to Skamper-Ramp Store, the ramp is a white color that attracts animals who may be under distress while in the water, serving as a beacon to help guide them out of the pool.

The source said that the wavelengths transmitted by the color white can be seen by animals at any time of the day and night, which should make you less worried about animals getting trapped in the pool at night. A Skamper-Ramp is an easy investment for a pool owner, and it is also recyclable and capable of being detached from the pool to shift to other locations where it might be of use. 

Froglog is another helpful device for getting animals out of the pool quickly and efficiently. According to The Frog, the device is a floating platform that goes in the swimming pool. Like the Skamper-Ramp, this device can be taken out of the pool in a few seconds. This provides a hardworking pool owner like yourself a quick way to deal with critters in the water. The Frog Log serves its purpose well, according to the source. This is because animals instinctively swim to the edges of a pool once they fall in. Once this happens, the source suggests that the animal will quickly find the Frog Log platform and use it to climb out of the pool, making you pool cleaner by making it safer for animals 

Hopefully these devices and tips help to minimize the number of furry friends that make it into your pool this summer. If you have any other questions, an excellent place to find out more will be your local phoenix pool service.