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Watercolors: 4 famous artists who turned ordinary swimming pools into works of art

The works of famous artists impact a community beyond the walls of a museum. Over time, many renown painters, sculptors and creative thinkers have influenced movies, music and more trends within a society. But did you know that some even had a hand in swimming pool design? Here are four famous artists who have left traces of their work right in people's backyards.

1. Pablo Picasso
The producer of world-famous pieces "Guernica" and "The Blue Room" signed his name to the bottom of a pool in Spain. According to Architectural Digest, he also painted the floor of that pool, which is located at Villa El Martinete in Marbella, a province in Malaga.

Hotel guests of the beachfront property can swim in the same water where Picasso's inscription remains to this day. As stated on the company's website, the villa hosts up to 13 guests at a time. You better book in advance if the Prado just doesn't do it for you anymore. 

2. Verner Panton
​If you've ever seen a squiggly-looking chair or some vibrant pieces of furniture, you might have actually encountered Verner Panton's work. The Danish interior designer specialized in this type of art, and in 1969 he had a hand in remodeling the Spiegel Publishing House in Hamburg, a famous news magazine office building in Germany. 

As stated on the artist's website, Panton spruced up the entryway, courtyard lobby and bar. He even included a swimming pool for employees in the basement – talk about an awesome place to work. Although the pool burned down in a fire years later, much of his work at the building remains today. 

3. Patrick Gannon
Perhaps one of his most recent claims to fame was due to something Gannon didn't do. As the San Francisco Gate reported, he intentionally refused to fill his swimming pool with water to bring attention to the drought in California. 

He teamed up with his sons Noah and Sean to paint a drought-related mural on the bottom of the pool. As demonstrated by the news source, the image is of a group of people with arms outstretched towards the earth, which remains separate from all of them. 

4. David Hockney
Google "swimming pool artists" and you'll likely come across the name David Hockney at the top of your results. As displayed on the artist's official website, he had a knack for painting swimming pools around the '60s. Perhaps so much so that he decided to paint on an actual swimming pool.

Architect Digest confirmed that Hockney painted C-shaped waves to the floor of Andre Emmerich's pool in Pawling New York. In case you're unfamiliar with Emmerich, he was an art dealer who had an extensive collection at his own sprawling home. The New York Times reported that he represented Hockney among a number of other well-known names within the art community. 

Whether you're inspired to take on some art in your own backyard or just want to spruce it up a bit, call Fort Worth, San Diego or Fort Worth pool service providers. All works of art need proper care.