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Enjoy Your Pool Year Round By Using a Gas Heater or Heat Pump!

Enjoy Your Pool Year Round By Using a Gas Heater or Heat Pump!

While the majority of swimming pool use is during the summer months, you can swim year round with a properly functioning heater or heat pump.

Making sure that your gas heater or heat pump is in good working order year round will guarantee that when you do need to use your heater it will be ready.  It is also important to make sure that the unit is installed properly and maintained in order to assure it is working correctly and optimized for the best efficiency.

With some of the maintenance required being rather complex, having a professional inspect and do any needed repairs is always recommended to ensure safe and efficient use.

You should always read your owner’s manual for a maintenance schedule and/or recommendations for your specific heater.  It is also highly recommended that you have your pool heater inspected annually. With proper installation and maintenance, pool heaters typically last five or more years.

At Poolman we want to help you protect your investment and assist you in maintaining your swimming pool equipment, including your heater.  So whether you need an annual inspection or a repair completed on your heater/heat pump, a professional repair technician from Poolman can provide safe and reliable service.

If you would like to schedule a heater call, please call or email the office and we would be happy to schedule someone out to your property.

If you already own a heater and would like to have it serviced, we are discounting our heater service from $105.00 down to $90.00.

If you are interested in a new unit, call Poolman today and receive a discount of  $100.00 off the purchase and installation of pool heater or heat pump.

Offer is good through 9.17.18 through 10.12.18