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Various types of games to play in pool while promoting safety

The Phoenix summer brings a hot, sweltering heat to Arizona. Thankfully, you have a pool that will allow you to escape the heat during your leisure time. In case you were bored with swimming laps, an excellent use for a pool can be group games involving numerous family and friends. Games can be a good way to revitalize a summer party. Some ways to renovate and update your pool can help to accommodate playing in the water.

Classic games to play in the water 
No pool party would be complete without the legendary "Marco Polo", named after the famous explorer. The rules and parameters of the game make it ideal for a group party. According to How Stuff Works, Marco Polo is played when one person, called Marco, shuts his or her eyes and calls out "Marco!" Other players in the pool must respond to the call with a loud "Polo!" which alerts the Marco player to the location of his adversaries. The object of the game is for Marco to blindly tag all the other players while they, in turn, try to evade him. Before you begin playing however, making some quick adjustments to your pool area can help avoid any injuries.

Ensure a safe pool area for games
First, having a large pool will help give the players enough space to play the game effectively. The nature of the game however, could lead some players to run into the wall of the pool, resulting in unnecessary injury. To avoid this, place soft inflatable pool tools along the ledges of the pool to warn a player with closed eyes that he or she is going in the wrong direction.

If your children are going to join in on a fun group game in the water and in the pool area, you want to ensure that some adjustments are made to effectively promote pool safety.  For example a game such as "River Skip" should only be played under certain conditions.

According to Kidspot, this game is undertaken with one player holding a hose. A group of other players must attempt to evade the water coming from the hose by jumping over it while running. The rules of the game mandate that the stream of water be kept low to the ground, to make it easy to jump over.

The source noted that if any player gets hit, they're eliminated from the game. Making sure your pool area is clear of other objects is a great idea prior to playing this game with your children.

So, before playing, consider laying down some padding in the area that the River Skip game is being played in. These quick and cosmetic adjustments to a pool area also hold for other games, such as Shark in the Water. This game features a few players, one of whom, designated the shark, begins the game in the pool. Other players jump into the water and they try to make it to an edge of the pool's wall without getting touched by the shark. 

While this game can be really fun, it also has precarious elements. Running around a pool area can result in a child falling and getting hurt. Therefore, it pay to have a chaperone at the sight of the game at all times, who can guide how the game is played. Doing this, and making the previous changes to the pool, will result in a fun time.

Another idea is to obtain pool-chairs that can rapidly be dissembled, which will make preparation for a party an easy affair. If you have any questions about where to obtain equipment that will make your pool more suitable to games, contact your local phoenix pool service.