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Reduce Your Eletricity Bill with a Variable Speed Pump | Arizona Pool Law

EcoStar Variable Speed-Pump
EcoStar Variable Speed-Pump from Hayward

In February, your swimming pool equipment may be at the bottom of your to-do list. Yet with pool season approaching, you may want to consider the condition of your pool pump or motor. For Arizona pool owners, replacing your pump motor with a single-speed motor is no longer an option. Pool owners must upgrade to a variable speed alternative when replacing their pool pump.

Over a year ago, Arizona legislation came into effect mandating, “Residential pool pumps and residential pool pump motors shall not be split-phase or capacitor start-induction run type motors.” Legislation continues with, “Motors with a total horsepower capacity of one or more shall have the capability of operating at two or more speeds with a low speed having a rotation rate that is no more than one-half of the motor’s maximum rotation rate and shall be operated with a pump control with the capability of operating the pump at two or more speeds.”

What this means for the Arizona pool owner is that you do not need to purchase and install a new motor or pump if your equipment is in working condition, but if this equipment needs to be replaced, an upgrade to a variable speed motor or pump is required.

The cost of a variable speed motor starts at $700 and in just over a year the cost can be covered with the savings on your electricity bill. Customers who switch to the variable

EcoStar Variable Speed Pump Installed at a Pool
EcoStar Variable Speed Pump Installed at a Pool

speed option have saved anywhere from $600 to $1,300 annually on their electricity bill. For some home owners that can be up to an 80 percent savings on their pool energy costs, so upgrading your equipment is an easy way to save energy and money.

Poolman can install and calibrate your variable speed pump and for maximum energy savings. Poolman can apply an instant rebate of $200.00 off the job through APS or SRP. Poolman also offers monthly coupons that can add additional savings.