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Utilize automated systems to optimize pool savings

Pools used to be considered exceptional luxuries with certain trade-offs, such as regular maintenance and upkeep costs that can frustrate owners. Years ago, much of the work around owning a swimming pool was completed manually through careful measurements and focused efforts of skimming the water and scrubbing the tiles to ensure cleanliness.

However, today's pools benefit from technological improvements that facilitate the ownership and management of a pool. From energy-efficient pumps to VGB-compliant covers, pools have been ushered into the 21st century with the help of automated products that remove the burden of maintenance.

Controlling pools like televisions
The TV was revolutionized when the remote control was invented, allowing viewers to remain on the couch to change channels and adjust the volume. Akin to this invention, swimming pools can now benefit from the numerous advantages of automation. Every aspect of the pool can be monitored and changed without breaking a sweat, according to the Northeast Spa and Pool Association.

Newer pool pumps come packaged with variable speeds that can be programmed at the touch of a button. Additionally, the pumps can better manage the filtration system to perform at optimal levels for cleaner water and improved energy conservation. Additionally, owners can manage any heating systems that they installed for their pool to ensure that the appropriate temperatures are maintained at all times. They can also control the cleaning aspect of the pool, adjusting chlorine and pH levels while turning the automatic equipment on and off with ease.

Automation isn't solely for controlling the main components of the pool, as it can also maintain the aesthetics you've installed in your swimming area. With a few button presses, you can create the perfect mood lighting for a late night swim in the Phoenix summer. And if you decided to add water features, you'll be able to control the fountain and waterfall flows with a mere click.

Saving time and effort
Pool and Spa Review explained that the advent of automation functions for swimming pools means the days of personal maintenance and neglected pools may be in the past. This is especially true with salt water systems, which deliver electric shocks to change salt into sodium hypochlorite, a form of chlorine that's viewed as safer than standard pool chemicals. These products can eliminate the efforts commonly associated with measuring out chemicals to add to the water by hand by switching them to an automatic function operated with a remote.

While automation systems save pool owners' time by controlling the scheduling and managing of certain equipment, they also increase savings through the optimization of energy conservation. By operating chemical production and equipment performance at peak efficiencies, automated controls can add years of value to your pool and its accessories, saving you from lofty replacement costs on broken or outdated equipment. Together, these benefits make owning and operating a pool easier and more fun than ever before.