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4 Pool Upgrades for the New Year

It’s the perfect time for a change to your swimming pool for the New Year. The winter season offers the best opportunities to address those lingering problems before the hot summer weather arrives.

Here are some swimming pool upgrades that you may want to address:

1. Resurfacing your pool’s interior with Mini Pebble Tiles is the best way to upgrade your pool with a modern look.

2. Cracks are common in the interior of the swimming pool. It is often isolated to the areas where water exposure occurs. Many older Pebble Tec pools are seeing cracks develop in the waterline area or where the pebble surface rolls out of the pool (or the rolled bond beam). This type of repair can be fixed by resurfacing the entire pool or by installing a waterline tile that can make your pool look brand new.

3. The brutal Arizona sun can take a toll on your swimming pool deck. Cracks and chips are common in pools that have heavy foot traffic. Upgrade your deck by repairing the cracks and chips and painting it a different color. Add value and enjoyment to your swimming pool by giving it a clean and inviting appearance.

4. Swimming pool owners can now run almost all functions of their swimming pool remotely with automation. Turning on/off the filter pump, running the waterfall or other water features and even turning on landscape lighting are some of the features that automation allows pool owners to control with a remote or an app on your smartphone or tablet.

With many upgrades available, you can simultaneously fix and improve the appearance and functionality of your swimming pool.