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Upgrade your pool this summer with savvy technology

As the Phoenix summer heats up, you've probably been envisioning ways to renovate and upgrade your pool. Savvy technological updates can make your pool area the toast of the neighborhood, bringing family and friends over to enjoy the new amenities. An excellent place to start is by investing in automation technology, allowing your guests to enjoy the water with minimal exertion. 

Technology excellent idea for summer upgrade
Automation enables you to control various aspects of the pool from a remote control. According to Swimming, this technology allows you to pre-heat a spa, giving you time to relax while the spa heats up. This will be indispensable for hard-working pool owners, using the automation technology to plan activities and leisure in an efficient manner. 

You may also want to conserve energy in the pool this summer. You can do this by obtaining a smaller pump, available from your Phoenix Poolman store. A smaller pump is used to maintain the temperature of the pool, but the size of the pump allows it to maximize efficiency while also requiring less attention on the part of the owner.

According to Aquatic International, automation technology can also be beneficial for maintaining the chemical balance of a pool. This is done by the pool's operator choosing a certain chemical balance in the pool. To determine what chemical balance the pool should have, visit your local Phoenix pool service or obtain a kit that will tell you what chemicals you need. 

Once this information has been programmed into the pool's automation system, it will automatically shut the pumps off when the appropriate level is reached. The value of automation technology can be found in the minimal work it requires once it's installed – all that's necessary is to take daily readings of the chemical balance to ensure it's at the appropriate level.

An excellent reason to invest in the technology is its longevity. The source noted that the systems can last up to 30 years. However, there are many benefits to obtaining the newest technology. These include increased technological benefits, such as remote wireless readings. This feature allows you to determine the chemical balance of the pool from a remote control. A function like this can be indispensable this summer, freeing you up for other activities that would have previously been taken up by the pool.