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Understand the pool barrier requirements for Phoenix

A lot of excitement surrounds owning a pool in the Phoenix area, as it can give your family a great way to relax year-round after long days of school or working. On the weekends, everyone can sit around the swimming area and soak in the sun. But before you can begin to plan out your swimming pool, you need to learn the city's requirements on enclosures.

According to the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department, code changes were adopted by the City Council in 1990 that bolstered the standards on pool safety. The stipulations put in place were meant to protect both pool owners and their swimmers, especially young children.

Barrier standards
Pool Fence of Arizona stated that state requirements for Arizona are for residences with a pool where one or more children under the age of 6 live. These laws establish the need for a barrier around any water feature that's more than 18 inches deep and eight feet wide. The enclosure fence must surround the entire pool and be at least five feet tall.

In Phoenix the same laws hold true, including restrictions on any holes or openings that are wider than four inches that a ball could fit through. Additionally, the vertical clearance between the bottom of the barrier and the ground shouldn't exceed two inches when measured on the side facing away from the pool. For fences with horizontal bars, there must be a minimum of 45 inches to prevent children from using them as foot or handholds for climbing.

Gate rules
Similar to putting up barriers or fences, owners installing gates also have to follow state and city regulations. Most importantly, the city's inspection requirements stipulated that gates be self-latching and self-closing, while also being able to fit suitably fit a lock. Additionally, the door must open outward and away from the swimming area.

To prevent small children from entering the area unsupervised, the latch must be at least 54 inches off the ground. In keeping with the barrier standards, gates should meet the same construction requirements in terms of height and distance between bars.

When you're looking to install a pool in your yard, you should contact your local Phoenix pool service to ensure that you can follow city and state regulations on pool safety.