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New Turtle Mosaic Installation Photos – Pool Remodel Ideas

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Click image to see before and after photos.

Recently, the pool remodel team in Phoenix, Arizona took on a fun project. A customer was looking for a new look and wanted to replace the existing tiled initials on their pool wall. After reviewing the options with Poolman, he decided a diving green turtle would look best.

The crew got to work quickly. First, they carefully cut away and removed all of the 1-inch by 1-inch tiles in the central area. They then used mastic, a high-grade and waterproof adhesive, to secure the turtle mosaic on the pool wall. They then got to work re-tiling the 1-inch by 1-inch tiles around the turtle and finished the job off with a some fresh grout.

The whole job took only two days from start to finish. Check out the before and after photos of the project above!