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Try a soft, soothing salt system for your San Diego pool

If there's anything more relaxing than a refreshing dip in your backyard pool, it's a luxurious swim in a saltwater oasis cared for by your San Diego pool service.

All about the experience
With saltwater pools continuing to grow in popularity, you might wonder exactly why. The answer, according to salt system aficionados, is the way these pools feel. 

On a hot day, a plunge into any body of water may make you feel better, but a Poolman salt system provides the unique luxury and enjoyment that brings to mind the lives of the rich and famous. Silky smooth water encases your body and suggests tropical islands and cool breezes.

Imagine it, yes, but it's far more than imagination. The benefits of bathing in salt water have been compared to those of soaking in Epsom salts, named for a salt spring in Epsom, England, and used by countless cultures around the world for centuries. According to Natural News, these salts are actually magnesium sulfate, which occurs naturally in hot springs and is believed to posses vital health benefits related to detoxification. Today, they are mixed with water to create a soak that relieves sore muscles, a gentle hair rinse and a mixture that exfoliates skin, among other uses.

All about comfort
Just as soaking in Epsom salts benefits your body, skin and hair, so does a saltwater swim. You can relax knowing that while you're enjoying an altogether delightful experience, your body is benefiting and your hair and skin are suffering none of the effects of prolonged exposure to large amounts of chlorine. What's more, most people can swim comfortably with their eyes open – a pleasurable and safe alternative to swimming blindly.

The "good" green
Another advantage of a salt system is that it minimizes algae blooms, or the rapid accumulation of algae in a body of water. None are attractive and some – those containing phytoplankton, which produce biotoxins – are even known as harmful algal blooms, reported Science Daily. As a result, it's far preferable to "go green" with a salt system's improved water quality and to protect the environment by ceasing to use chlorine tablets that are dangerous if not properly used or to carry potentially hazardous chlorine gas in cars and trucks.

Free salt system program
What can be better than free? San Diego pool service customers in good standing are invited to take advantage of the Poolman Free Salt System program, where the company makes an investment in its good pool service customers to encourage mutually beneficial longstanding relationships.

Comprehensive pool service frees your time
With a backyard benefit like a swimming pool, your time is better spent swimming in it than maintaining it. That's why Poolman San Diego covers all the bases: 

  • Simply chemical – affordable, worry-free chemical balancing
  • Weekly BBB – brushing, basket-emptying and backwashing, along with weekly cleaning and biweekly chemical balancing
  • Full service –  for pools with cleaners or operating pop-ups, full service includes biweekly chemical balancing and weekly cleaning, vacuuming, brushing, emptying baskets and backwashing.

For both residential and commercial customers, Poolman San Diego also offers:

  • Repairs, including pool draining, tile, decks, pressure washing, heaters, green pool cleanup and more
  • Fountain service – Simply chemical, weekly BBB with no vacuum and full service

Hassle-free help
With a range of pricing and payment options, Poolma
n San Diego is committed to offering customers the best possible experience, with the least work on your part and the most dependable service, no matter how large or small your needs.

Create a serene spa experience for your home with a free salt system from Poolman – to date, the company has over 6,500 free installations. Contact us for details and to schedule an appointment – and check out our website for money-savings coupons that change each month.