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Top New Year’s Resolutions for your Swimming Pool

We often make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, but why not our pools? So Poolman thought we would share our top New Year’s resolutions for pools in 2013. We encourage you “dive in” and take some of these resolutions into consideration in the New Year for your swimming pool.

Person diving into a swimming pool in the new year

  1. Make sure your family is safe around your pool by requesting a safety inspection – A safety inspection will check for items like sharp edges on your ladders, that your safety cover is in top working condition, that you have proper main drain grates, check for leaks and even hazards around your pool area. Safety around the pool area is important, especially if you have children and pets in your household or neighborhood.
  2. Save money with an efficient equipment upgrade – there are many equipment upgrades out there that can reduce your utility bill and even create a better overall bathing experience. We have coupons available for variable speed pumps and motors and we also offer a FREE salt system with service. Energy-efficient LED pool lights can also cut down your electricity bill.
  3. Plan a family gathering around the pool– Poolman makes a resolution every year to invest in our family – at home and at work. Take some time to plan a family-fun day around your backyard swimming  pool. If you receive our newsletter, you can use one of our many seasonal recipes!
  4. Budget for repairs or to add value to your home with a renovation – if your pool is over five years old, you may want to start budgeting for needed repairs. Or you may choose to perform a renovation and replace that old tile and coping and resurface your pool with a fresh coat of plaster. A healthy pool means healthy home value.
  5. Read a good book in your favorite lounge chair – we all have that favorite spot by the pool to curl up with a good book. Publisher’s weekly has a list of top 10 books from 2012 that you may want to review!

With these simple New Year’s resolutions from Poolman, you will be well on your way to a successful year with your swimming pool.