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Top 5 essential summer pool maintenance tips

The summer weather is here in full swing, which means that many homeowners will be firing up their grills, taking off their pool covers and getting ready for another season of outdoor fun. No matter what part of the country you may live in or whether you use a freshwater or salt system pool, there are a number of chores that Poolman can perform that can keep your pool looking brilliant all summer long. Instead of doing it yourself, make sure you call the professionals who can help you stay on top of these essential pool maintenance jobs this summer.

1. Pool skimming
Removing leaves, sticks and other forms of debris can make a huge difference over the course of the swimming season, as these small particles could eventually clog your pool’s filters and lead to much larger problems. How Stuff Works suggested getting into the habit of pool skimming every other day, and bringing in some professionals to do a thorough job frequently throughout the summer.

2. Clean skimmer baskets
Your trusty pool skimmer can also get quite dirty after a season of use, and you could be unknowingly putting new debris into the water. Poolman professionals can clean these filters and other essential hardware that can maintain your pool’s overall water quality, appearance and function.

3. Clean your ladder this season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Before your pool’s ladder goes in, ask your pool cleaners to give it a good scrub with a power washer or an anti-mildew cleaner. Because these items tend to be left outside over the winter, cleaning them thoroughly before they go into the water is vital. Even with ladders that have been left outside all winter long, most lingering stains come off after being in the chlorinated water for an extended period of time.

4. Clean tile and walls
At various points over the swimming season, suggested cleaning the tile and walls around the perimeter of your pool. Suntan lotion, debris and other material can build up here over the course of several months, so hiring professionals to clean this space frequently will keep the pool looking great, improve water quality and limit the amount of work you’ll need to do in the fall.

5. Clean surrounding pool areas
The look of the area around your pool is just as important as being in the water, as this is where your guests will spend a majority of their time. Throughout the summer, instruct your pool cleaning professionals to be vigilant about weed removal, cleaning off dirt or debris from pool tile and keeping the whole space looking as beautiful as the day it was built.