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Top 3 ways your pool maintenance professionals can create a safer pool for kids

Whether you’ve just installed a new pool in your yard or are planning to invest in one before swimming season is over, these environments can be particularly hazardous to children without the right safety improvements. When it’s time to call your Phoenix pool specialist, there are a number of small investments you can make to your pool area that can give you peace of mind in knowing that the little ones that use your pool will be safe and under constant supervision when enjoying the outdoor space. Here are a few quick and easy upgrades you can consider in the coming months.

Keep up with regular maintenance
Creating a healthy environment for your kids and their friends is likely your top priority during swimming season, and luckily Poolman professionals are on call to handle all of your pool’s regular maintenance needs. These technicians can maintain the overall water balance of your pool to keep it free of bacteria and other harmful pathogens. These regular maintenance tasks can add up in the long run and can create a far safer environment for children.

Safety covers
While reported that pool fencing is a major consideration for parents, consulting with your Poolman professionals about safety covers is another great step in the right direction. These covers are available in a number of designs, including automated options that work with the touch of a button, as well as styles that can be secured manually by parents. In addition to fencing, a safety cover will provide another line of defense against accidents, and can also be a great way to keep dust, dirt and other forms of debris out of the pool when it isn’t in use.

Pool deck repairs and drain maintenance
If you happen to notice that you have a loose tile around your pool area, a pool deck that requires refinishing or pool drains that can cause a hazard to small children, these are jobs that your Poolman pool technicians can handle with ease. Loose tiles can trip up people large and small, and a pool deck that could cause splinters from a lack of wood stain can also be a major hazard. Pool drains are another major consideration for parents, and reported that all drains should be fitted with anti-entrapment or safety drain covers that are compliant with The Pool and Spa Safety Act.