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Top 3 pool safety improvements to keep in mind for small children

Swimming season is in full swing, which means that many families are calling up their Phoenix pool service technicians for regular maintenance and cleanings to keep their outdoor spaces looking great, but most importantly, safe! While water balance, filtration and other health issues can contribute to the overall safety of a pool, families with small children have to go the extra mile to protect their kids from unexpected accidents and mishaps. Luckily, there are a number of great safety improvements on the market that can give parents peace of mind in knowing that their kids are safe throughout swimming season. Here are a few to think about during your next Poolman inspection.

Install pool fencing
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that all homeowners should install a four-sided barrier or pool fence around their pool that can also be locked when the pool is not in use, reported Not only will this keep your pool secure, but it can also prevent small children from getting into the pool area while being unsupervised. Additionally, parents can go the extra mile by installing perimeter alarms and buzzers that can alert them to someone entering the pool.

Add more handrails and ladders
Poolman pool service professionals are experts at getting a pool into swimming season condition, but they are also adept at installing safety equipment like ladders, handrails and in-pool steps. If your pool needs more than one exit or a series of small handrails to make it easier for kids to get in and out of the water, Poolman technicians can handle this job during your next service appointment. According to, professionals should also be sure to check drains, pipes and other openings to make sure they are working properly to avoid children becoming stuck.

Pool safety covers
Another Poolman specialty is installing a safety cover to your pool. Safety covers are a smart way to prevent pool accidents and can be a great investment that can save parents many headaches in the future. There are many safety covers on the market, from products that are put on manually to those that are automated. In addition to being a great tool to improve the safety of the pool area, these covers can prevent dust, dirt and other debris from ruining the pool’s water quality, as well as protecting the water balance from being altered during the event of a large storm.