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Top 3 benefits of a salt system pool

While swimming season is fully underway, there are still many homeowners who are resting on their laurels and still weighing the decision to install a pool near their abodes. While pools are certainly a major investment, prospective buyers may find a lot to love about salt system pools, which are a bit more expensive up front, but will pay for themselves for years to come. There are a wealth of salt system benefits that may pique the interest of pool buyers, and the alternative could prove to be an environmentally safe choice, as well. Let’s examine the following benefits:

Making eco-conscious decisions around the home has become increasingly popular among homeowners, as sustainability and green living are great ways to reduce carbon footprints and shave some money off monthly utility bills. According to Salt Water Pool Plus, salt system pools are better choices from an environmental perspective, as there’s no need for the owner to purchase or store pool chemicals or worry about unsafe water balance issues. Best of all, swimmers won’t have to deal with that annoying chlorine smell and will feel much cleaner after getting out of the water.

Less maintenance
Salt water pools do cost more up front than chlorinated pools, but instead of using regular chlorine tablets to purify the water, dissolved salt will remain in the water long after the pool is installed. While pool owners still need to contact their Poolman service technicians to maintain pH balances and to ensure that the amount of salt in the pool has not diluted too much, there is far less regular maintenance needs with salt water pools. These pools utilize chlorine generators, equipment that converts salt particles into chlorine instead of adding the chemical to the water continuously, which can actually help prevent the growth of bacteria and algae and will cost far less in the long run.

A more comfortable environment
Individuals with salt system pools rave about the smooth feeling of salt water when compared to freshwater pools treated with an abundance of cleaning agents, meaning it’s far more gentle on a swimmer’s eyes, hair and skin during regular use. According to, salt water pools typically contain approximately one-tenth of the salinity of ocean water and one-third of the salinity of human tears, which provides an environment that is far more forgiving with water that actually feels smoother to swim in than chlorinated pools.