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Tips to help save money when renovating your pool

Renovating a pool can be an exciting process whether your pool needs to be fixed up or you're looking for a change of scenery. Here are some tips regarding money that you need to know before calling up your Phoenix pool remodeling company.

Pick your budget
There are plenty of different options when it comes to pool renovation. Make sure to pick one within your budget. Simple additions like color changing LEDs, new handrails and water fountains won't cost you an arm and a leg. estimated that these types of remodels can cost between $500 and $1000.

More expensive options would include resurfacing your deck or adding a variable-speed pool filter or salt system. These might push your budget a bit higher but you could still spend more. Resurfacing the inside of your pool will cost more than any other options, as will adding a water feature such as a sheer descent.

It is important to keep in mind how much some renovations will cost to save yourself from sticker-shock.

Saving money
Every year that you wait to renovate could end up costing you more money. Not only to prices of raw materials increase every year, but also their are a plethora of new technologies that can turn your old pool into something less desirable. For instance, variable-speed pumps may look expensive on the price tag, but it will perform a lot better than a single-speed pump. Also, a variable-speed pump will help your electric bill. Pentair Pool claimed that it can save you up to 90 percent more money than a single- or double-speed pump.

It's important to note that you don't need to renovate everything all at one time. Take your time and save up money. That way, a year after you add that fancy new deck, you can come back and change the handrails and add some color changing LEDs.

However, if the two renovations compliment each other, consider having a few additions placed at once. Having a remodeling company come for multiple jobs might be able to save them money, and in turn, save you money. Think about changing the handrails or underwater LEDs while your pool's surface is being replaced. If you're already planning on adding a salt-system, maybe consider changing the water-level tiling to give your pool a completely new feel.

Once you consider these money saving tips, find your local Phoenix pool remodeling company and ask them to come by for a quote.