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Tips for making your pool more spa-like

If you’re thinking about embarking on a Phoenix pool remodeling project, you may already have a few ideas of features you’d like your new pool to have. Safety considerations and your family’s needs are obviously high priorities, but wouldn’t it be nice to indulge a bit by transforming your pool into a spa-like oasis? If you’ve ever been to a pool at a spa, you know how delightful it is to be able to unwind and lounge in an environment that’s 100-percent relaxing – imagine having that in your own backyard! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for ways to make your swimming pool more luxuriously indulgent.

Repeat patterns, textures and shapes
Visual harmony can easily be achieved by carrying the same textures, patterns, colors and shapes throughout your pool area. For example, if you choose to go with calming blue tiles along the sides of the pool, consider adding other touches of blue throughout the pool area, from lounge chair cushions to outdoor artwork. Similarly, you can create cohesion by taking the shape of your pool and translating it to other features, like using a similarly shaped outdoor rug or tiles.

Upgrade to a free salt system
If the strong smell of chlorine and the stinging sensation of chemicals in your eyes doesn’t exactly fit into your idea of a spa-like experience, a salt system is your best bet. The slightly salty water is gentler on the skin, eyes and hair, and the naturally sourced chlorine from the salt still works to keep your pool clean.

Coordinate your towels
Nothing’s more reminiscent of a spa than big, white, fluffy towels, so why not coordinate all of your towels to get the same clean, fresh feel? Look for the largest, softest ones available and don’t forget to buy enough for guests who visit your pool!

Set up a cabana
As Better Homes and Gardens magazine points out, cabanas can offer a variety of uses, from a changing area to a barbeque station to a shady retreat. Factor a deck into your pool remodeling project and set it up with whatever amenities you’ll need to enjoy it most. For added protection from the elements, you might want to consider installing a pergola or some outdoor curtains if you’re the DIY type!

Make sure there’s plenty of cozy seating
You’ll need lots of comfortable places where you, your family members and your friends can relax, so set up your pool area with lots of lounge chairs and cushioned benches. There should be plenty of places to lay out in the sun, enjoy a summer read or sip a cool beverage.

Section it off
Privacy is key when you’re in a spa, so why should it be any different at your spa-like pool? Better Homes and Gardens recommends using a privacy wall or fence to block the view of your pool from your home’s windows or those of neighboring houses. That way, no one can intrude on your blissful swim sessions!

Put on some music
Soothing music is practically a staple when it comes to unwinding, so set your pool area up with outdoor speakers or bring portable speakers outside whenever you’re ready to swim. Natural sounds of beach waves, birds chirping or even classical music are all good options.

Add side tables
In order to enjoy a cold drink or a quick snack while you, your family and guests are lounging in the sun, you’ll need a few side tables scattered throughout your seating areas. That way, glasses and plates have a place to rest and no one will risk spilling something that was put on the ground.