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Throwing the perfect pool party for kids

Whether it's a birthday party or a beginning of summer and end of school party, your pool is a great place for the kids to create lasting memories and have a splashing good time. The warm weather in Phoenix, Fort Worth and San Diego gives you plenty of opportunities throughout the year to throw pool parties, so take advantage of the climate – and your pool – and jump in. 

Planning your pool party 
One of the first things you should consider when planning your pool party is the guest list. She Knows magazine recommends taking the size of your pool into consideration when composing your guest list. Chances are that the pool won't be filled with kids the entire time, so make sure there are out-of-pool activities to entertain the children. The source recommends inviting five extra people so that the party keeps going even if some of the guests aren't swimming. 

When it comes to invitations, keep in mind that the party is for kids and do something fun and a little out of the ordinary. Birthday in a Box has some nifty ideas for invitations such as cutting them in the shape of flip flops, fish, tropical flowers or making a "message in a bottle". Another cool idea is to blow up a beach ball and write the content of the invitation on it. When the invitees blow up the ball they can read it! 

Be prepared to hand out toys and lay down the law
While your own little angels may know and respect the rules of the pool, you're going to want to write them down on a piece of poster board in bright letters for the kids who are visiting. Place it close to the pool and make sure everybody is familiar with the law of the land before they're allowed to jump in the water. Don't hesitate to invite the kids' parents to the party. They can enjoy some refreshments and help you keep the young ones under control.  

Outfit your pool deck or lawn with chairs, beach umbrellas and a pop-up tent to give the adults and kids a place to take a break from the festivities. Make sure you have extra sunscreen on hand in case anyone forgets to bring their own. If younger kids are coming to the party, you might want to set up a kiddie pool so they can feel included. A volleyball net for the pool is a great party accessory along with balls, hula hoops and disposable underwater cameras.